Woke Celebrities Talk “Tax The Rich” at $30,000 a Ticket Met Gala – Will & Amala LIVE


Will and Amala are live discussing the wokeness at the MET Gala, interviewing Chris Rufo on Big Tech and CRT, paying tribute to Norm Macdonald, and interviewing Christy Wright on her new book “Take Back Your Time.”

0:00 – Will Wears Blue Dress to MET GALA
2:27 – Woke Celebs at the Met Gala
15:28 – Chris Rufo Discusses Twitter De-Verification, Exposing Big Tech, & CRT In Schools
38:09 – RIP Norm Macdonald
44:27 – Interview w/ Christy Wright (Ramsey Solutions Personality and Author of “Take Back Your Time”

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Woke Celebs at the Met Gala

RIP Norm Macdonald

Watch the Trailer for Our New Short Documentary “Miseducated” Exposing K-12 Education in America:

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