Why We Left the Left w/ Dave Rubin – Will & Amala LIVE


0:00 – Amala and Dave Are Talking About #!%& today!
1:50 – Dave’s Feature in PragerU’s New Short Documentary “Restricted”
6:11 – How Do We Fight Back Against Big Tech?
10:58 – The Tweet That Got Dave Banned
17:48 – Scared People Look to the Government
21:26 – 2020 Exposed Something Dark in Humanity
25:39 – What Is the Worst Case Scenario for Censorship?
29:28 – Is California Worth Saving?
32:38 – How Do You Change Minds?
41:10 – What Was It Like Having a Public Ideological Transformation?
43:23 – Does the Far Left Have Evil Intent?
47:13 – Was There a Certain “Redpill Moment”?
52:03 – Is There Any Reason to Be Optimistic?
54:24 – Dave Goes on an EPIC Star Wars Rant

Dave Rubin joins Amala in studio today to discuss how they both changed their minds from leftism, Big Tech censorship, Dave’s appearance in PragerU’s NEW short documentary “Restricted,” and whether we should be optimistic or pessimistic about the future of free speech in America.

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Restricted: How Big Tech Is Taking Away Your Freedom

Dave Banned for This Tweet

YT Will Ban “Any Videos that Claim Vaccines Are Ineffective or Dangerous”

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