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In mid-April, Sweden ended all cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party’s Confucius Institutes, becoming the first country in Europe to cut all ties with the politically-minded program. Swedish politicians said that this was not only a result of the Confucius Institute’s conflicting values, but also the result of the CCP’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy in recent years.

In mid-April, a Sveriges Radio survey revealed that several Swedish cities had ended their cooperation with their sister cities in China, and canceled all Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom initiatives. Member of the Swedish Parliament, Hans Rothenberg said: “It’s very nice that Sweden, as the first country (in Europe), took such a response. The Confucius Institute went unnoticed when it first entered Sweden, but then it came to our attention, because it was revealed as being incompatible with our free and independent values in education and research. They’re imposing their own values on others, and that’s not something we can tolerate in this free and open country. It is especially intolerable to a free and open education system.”

Former Vice President of PACE (The Council of Europe), Göran Lindblad, said: “The Confucius Institute resembles an old tradition, a bad tradition from the Mussolini Fascist regime in Italy, establishing institutes for language all over. And they were centrals for spying, and for influence. So the Confucius Institutes are actually influential institutes, they try to influence the students in the universities and also in the schools, in order to teach Chinese, spread the Chinese ways, so they are also teaching politics, and they say it’s a brainwashing system, and that’s bad. And (they) also use it to find out things about the system in the country where they are.”

In recent years, the “wolf warrior” diplomacy used by the Chinese ambassador to Sweden has caused widespread resentment among Swedes, and the deadlock between the two countries has only intensified. (Video note: (Three Swedish parties demanded that the CCP Ambassador to Sweden, Gui ZCongyou, be declared as an “unwelcome person” and expelled from the country). Professor of Department of Economy and Society at the University of Gothenburg, Lars Nordström, said: “The CCP ambassador has very little credibility in Sweden because he is very tough on some issues, for example, on issues regarding writers’ publications, and arrests of dissidents, regardless of the fact that he is a Swedish citizen. Also, he did not explain why this epidemic was spreading so rapidly from China.”

Member of the Swedish Parliament, Hans Rothenberg said: “The Chinese ambassador did not help form a good atmosphere in the relationship between the two countries at all, as he communicated through threats and accusations. This made it very difficult for the two parties to get along. In recent years, we have all seen the CCP ambassador’s words have become increasingly malicious. This has very unfortunately led to the worsening of relations between Sweden and China.”

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