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Chinese Premier Li Keqiangi recently made a speech on China’s economy at the Two Sessions meeting in Beijing, and one of the highlights of his speech was to praise “the street vendor economy” in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

Chinese state media quickly followed up by reporting fabricated stories of people getting rich quick by selling second-hand Audis or Mercedes. But Chinese netizens quickly pointed out the ridiculous lies.

They left comments saying, “The promotion of the street vendor economy is because China’s economy is in an awful situation.”

“Currently the unemployment rate is very high. Chinese authorities have no other choice but to allow more people to engage in street selling.”

But Li’s speech may have some positive impact. China’s Urban Management team has been bullying street vendors for years. Now that Li has advocated for street sales as a state leader, it may have some restraining effects on the Urban Management officers.

In a video taken on June 2, a street vendor described her life and burst into tears.

Female vendor:
“I was here selling on the street yesterday, but I did not have any sales. It was because the Urban Management Officers targeted me and took pictures of me as warnings. They threw away the dragonfruit jelly I made. Today, although it is raining, I am surprised that I was able to sell five orders of jelly. I am content with that. I don’t know why I feel like crying. I feel that life is too tough!”

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