Searching for God within Oxford and Cambridge | James Orr & Nigel Biggar | The JBP Podcast – S4: E48


This episode was recorded on June 2, 2021.

In today’s episode, Dr. Jordan, Dr. James Orr, and Dr. Nigel Biggar discuss how religion and culture affect your identity. They also discuss nationalism, human rights throughout history, ideology, and more. Want to know how your identity gives meaning to your life? Then this episode is for you.

Dr. James Orr is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD from Cambridge and a BA in Classics from Balliol College, Oxford. James is the author of The Mind of God and the Works of Nature and teaches the philosophy of religion and ethics at Cambridge. He is a regular contributor to The Times Literary Supplement and The Critic Magazine.

Dr. Nigel Biggar, an Anglican priest, is a moral and pastoral theology professor at Oxford, where he also directs the Mcdonald centre for theology, ethics, and public life. He is the author behind many books including, What’s Wrong with Rights? Between Kin and Cosmopolis, In Defense of War, and Behaving in Public: How to do Christian Ethics in Public.

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[00:00] Dr. Jordan Peterson introduces both guests for this episode Dr. James Orr and Dr. Nigel Biggar.
[3:00] The urgency of identity conversations and how to pursue the common good together.
[8:00] Dr. Biggar’s comments on identity-focused culture.
[13:30] How our religious instinct drives us to adopt an identity.
[16:00] Dr. Orr’s ideas on nationalism and identity.
[18:30] How the ideal structure of a monarchy in England builds nationalism.
[21:00] What gets young people interested in religious identity?
[25:00] How having one God unconsciously aligns our behavior.
[27:30] Dr. Orr examines two different sides of expressing authenticity.
[32:00] How the same story of truth is retold with new particulars.
[36:00] Natural emergence and acknowledgement of human rights throughout history.
[40:00] An overview of Kaut and the birth of secularism.
[47:00] Dr. Jordan’s notions about what people mean in regards to God.
[56:30] Dr. Orr’s thoughts on the cosmological significance of consciousness.
[01:04:00] Understanding how matter and consciousness fit together.
[01:07:30] The connection between “Mind/Body” and “God the Spirit/Material world”.
[01:14:00] The significance of the dying and resurrecting Christ.
[01:19:00] Dr. Biggar perspective on young people’s pursuit of identity.
[01:24:30] How escaping the ideology of arbitrary use of power is an effective long-term leadership strategy.
[01:32:00] How arbitrary power is being obliterated.
[01:39:30] What does the snake in the garden of Eden truly represent?
[01:48:00] The heretical version of Christianity that is the identity politics movement.
[01:52:00] How universities are feeding the cynicism of youth
[02:03:00] Jordan’s perspective about the ignorance of malevolence.
[02:07:30] Closing comments.

Dr. Peterson has appeared on many popular podcasts and shows, including the Joe Rogan Experience, The Rubin Report, H3H3, and many more. Dr. Peterson’s own podcast has focused mainly on his lecture series, covering lots of psychology and historical content.

We hope you enjoy this episode and more to come from Dr. Peterson.


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