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A woman in Mudanjiang videotaped herself describing the situation in the city. She revealed that many people are now jobless and have almost exhausted their savings.

In this shopping mall, the majority of stores are closed.
There are no visitors here.
A while ago we suffered the first round of the pandemic, and now we are experiencing a rebound from the imported cases—
which is just as tough as the first wave.

The past five months are just too difficult for us.
Most people have little savings left.
Business owners have very few customers and their employees have become jobless.

We have to pay our mortgage and car loans.
We have to support the elderly and children in the family.
I don’t know much about the situation of others.
For myself, I stay away from expensive products and only pick cheap or discounted commodities when I go grocery shopping.
I have more expenses than earnings during these months.
I really don’t know how much longer we can survive.

Even if I am willing to leave my hometown to find a job, it will be impossible.
First, we must undergo quarantine if we go to another place.
People outside Heilongjiang province definitely won’t hire anyone from Heilongjiang.
Another issue is that now we are transitioning from Spring to Summer and temperatures fluctuate a lot.
We are too afraid to get ill because we just cannot afford to become ill.

I just want to say that I really hope our seniors can have a comfortable retirement life, kids can have a happy childhood and resume school sometime soon, and young people like us can continue our careers without having too many worries.

So please be kind to us Heilongjiang residents.
We really cannot hold along much longer.

In April, several clusters of the CCP virus outbreak emerged from hospitals in Harbin and Mudanjiang—two major cities in northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province. This indicates that people living in those areas are now suffering from a second wave of the CCP virus pandemic.

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