Pastor Facing JAIL for Defying Lockdown? Zuby joins Will & Amala LIVE


0:00 – Will is Back in Black
0:48 – Who is Zuby?
5:38 – Pastor ARRESTED for Defying Lockdown?
14:34 – Zuby’s Viral Thread: People prefer being in the majority to being right
20:28 – 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies
22:49 – Limitless information hasn’t made us wiser
42:17 – Scared people embrace authoritarianism
51:12 – Most people value safety more than freedom
1:00:50 – The Science’ is a pseudo-religion
1:15:53 – Where to find Zuby

On today’s episode, Amala is joined by Zuby to discuss Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s arrest for refusing to comply with Canada’s lockdown, Zuby’s super-viral Twitter thread about “20 Things I’ve Learned About Humanity During the Pandemic,” and TikTok Tuesday!

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Artur Pawlowski Original Video

Artur Pawlowski Returns To Canada To Go To Jail

Zuby’s 20 Things He’s Learned About Humanity During Pandemic

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