Nicki Minaj REDPILLED? And Shaving Will’s Mustache! Will & Amala LIVE


Today, Will and Amala react to Nicki Minaj’s latest Twitter feud and her censorship for daring to disagree with the mainstream narrative! PLUS an interview with “Live Not By Lies” author Rod Dreher, talking Richard Nixon with historian Richard Lim, and FINALLY shaving Will’s mustache LIVE ON AIR!

0:00 – Mr. Mus Tache is on Trial
3:34 – Did Nicki Minaj Get REDPILLED?
15:00 – How Much Do You REALLY Know About Richard Nixon?
31:51 – Interview w/ “Live Not By Lives” author Rod Dreher
46:04 – Throwback Thursday: Charlemagne
51:12 FINALLY: Amala Shaves Will’s Mustache LIVE on Air
1:01:05 Cake for Intern Tyler’s Second to Last Day

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Has Nicki Minaj Been REDPILLED?

New 5-Minute Video “Understanding Nixon” w/ Richard Lim

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