George Floyd Statue DEFACED, Pitbull’s BASED Rant, & Andrew Yang Independent? – Will & Amala LIVE


0:00 – We’re Having IG Withdrawals
2:13 – Pitbull Calls Out America Haters
15:47 – Debunking TikToker: Being “Gifted” Is NOT White Supremacy
27:01 – George Floyd Statue Vandalized
30:37 – Andrew Yang Is No Longer a Democrat
36:47 – Playboy’s First Cover with a Male
40:51 – Dear W&A: How to Argue w/o a Screaming Match?
44:48 – Dear W&A: Why Isn’t Will as Cool as Amala?
46:21 – Dear W&A: Thoughts about Teen Dating?
51:28 – Dear W&A: Why Hasn’t PragerU Left CA?
53:00 – Dear W&A: How Not to Be a Simp?
55:44 – Dear W&A: What if FB/IG Are Gone Forever?
57:25 – Dear W&A: What Are Your Halloween Costumes?

On today’s show: Someone vandalizes George Floyd’s statue, Pitbull calls out people who hate America, Andrew Yang says he’s leaving the Democratic Party, and Playboy has a boy on the cover?

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Andrew Yang Going Independent

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George Floyd Statue Defaced

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