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The man said:
Let’s take a look here, and I will tell you one thing. This is a Foxconn factory near the Youfu Market Place.
Almost all of the trees have been chopped down so that you see the bright sky.
I am going to tell you that Foxconn is on a long vacation.
Normally, it’s a three to five day holiday on May 1, Labor Day weekend, but Foxconn will extend that to four months until September 1 for some employees.
Foxconn will subsidize about $6,000 yuan ($850 USD) for the entire four months and work will resume on September 1.
See, people are leaving with their luggages, this is Foxconn in Longhua Town.
The workers on long leave are the ones in Guanlan Research Park.
This year the market is bad, that’s why you see there’ll be four months off.
To those who have worked everyday, it can be considered good news because you get to stay home with your parents and relax for four months.
But I believe many people have not worked since January or February.
You have not had any income for a while and so you don’t want to take a leave at all.
Those who still have a job are lucky.
I have seen many factories stop hiring.
Boys find it hard to land a job. So, if you have a job, hold on to it.

A netizen posted a comment to the video:
PhoenixWan wrote: This welfare ($850 USD) is available only because Foxconn’s owner is from Taiwan. A Chinese owner would directly close down or set fire to the plant.

During the pandemic, the shrinking economy is hitting Chinese workers hard. What was once the world’s factory suffers from a lack of overseas orders. Chinese workers also suffer from a lack of governmental relief aid. Foxconn, an electronics contract manufacturer, has several factories in Shenzhen, China. Even though the regime pushed people to go back to work, Foxconn had to furlough workers for four months due to a drop in export orders.

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