Fireside Chat Ep. 146 — The Left Is Weaponizing Medicine


Why is there so much hate and mockery around a single medication? Is there really no evidence of its efficacy? Dennis Prager has been following this politicized medication for months and provides scientific facts that the mainstream media attempts to suppress.

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0:00 Welcome, Enjoy & Share
1:36 HCQ Is Very Safe
3:57 Why So Much Hate For A Medication?
5:28 Science Has Become Corrupted
7:54 Ridiculed And Removed Doctors
9:57 People Are Dying
10:23 Doctors Hoarded HCQ
11:03 All The Left Does Is Mock And Defame
13:30 HCQ Helping India
16:23 Dr. Harvey Risch Of Yale Agrees
19:22 Former French Health Minister Agrees
20:54 The Censorship Should Trouble You
23:48 Dennis On Being Young At Heart
27:23 Is It Purely Political?
28:38 HCQ In Other Countries
29:01 Should The Media Be Punished?
30:36 Disagree But Don’t Mock And Censor

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Robert Dunfee