Fireside Chat Ep. 122 — Thank You, Samantha Bee


Every attack from the left validates our message and its importance. Dennis Prager discusses the absurd smear attempt by Samantha Bee on national television and its fantastic (unintended) outcome. Enjoy!

0:00 Everything Comes With A Price
1:46 Otto Is Always Ready
2:26 Dennis Rarely Watches TV
3:27 Samantha Bee’s PragerU Attack
5:41 “Not A Real University”
8:46 Thank You, Samantha Bee
9:25 How Much Dennis Cares For Truth
10:42 The Shallowness Of Samantha Bee
11:50 How The Left Keeps Me Religious
12:53 The Meanness Of The Left
15:10 Character Over Grades
18:15 What Do You Want To Be?
19:38 What’s So Bad About “Free Stuff?”
20:46 There Is No Unearned Happiness
22:00 “Free Stuff” Is Less Valued: A Story
23:54 What Caused The Success In China?
26:33 The Deal With Preferred Pronouns
30:14 The Left’s Endgame Is Chaos
31:33 PragerU Is Worthy Of Defending

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Robert Dunfee