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Guangzhou is China’s export center. Buses that drove workers from Hubei to Guangzhou are now their homeward bound buses. The video shows a red banner “Hubei Union Supports Back To Work” still on the bus even as it becomes a Hubei bound bus loaded with factory parts and equipment.

A man said:
They are moving machines, all of them, line processing machines.
This is the fifth bus.
Five buses are ready to leave.

Chinese netizens suspected that the machines and machine parts these people were taking home with them were their severance packages because the factory owner did not have any cash to pay them.

The same videographer came back to the same long-distance bus station to record the crowd returning home to Hubei on the evening of April 28. The video shows more than 1,000 workers board buses to return home every day. The street lights were off this time. He thinks the authorities deliberately turned off the lights to prevent filming, fearing that videos like these will reveal the actual situation of China’s economy to the public.

It’s April 28, and more than 1,000 people are waiting here for a bus to go home.

The street lights are off at this bus station. As a result, the video is very dark. I can tell you there are over 1,000 people, and they are going back to Hubei Province. So many people are here where I am filming now. Undoubtedly there are more than 1,000. It’s a huge crowd.

China is hard-hit by the pandemic. The regime tries to cover up reality, but people know the real situation. The epidemic has drastically affected China’s manufacturing industry. The back-to-work policy is getting nowhere due to the lack of overseas orders and materials.
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