Do We Live In A World Of Lies? – Will and Amala LIVE


0:00 – Solo Amala Carries the Team on Her Back
1:29 – An Update from Will Witt
4:44 – Do We Live in a World of Lies?
29:17 – New Episode of PragerU Kids TBH History: American Revolution, Part 2
31:10 – ACLU Tweets About Limiting the Police
39:50 – Parents Are More Likely to Find Meaning in Life?
43:42 – Fun Friday: Amala Reacts to Her First Ever PragerU Video With Will Witt

On today’s show, Amala is holding down the fort discussing whether it is right to live by lies, Australia’s totalitarian downfall, the ACLU’s tweet about policing, and her first video with Will.

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The Big Lie

The Unvaccinated in Australia Will Never Be The Same

ACLU Tweets About Limiting the Police

Study: Parents More Likely to be Happy, Find Meaning in Life

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