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Location: Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

By May 3, the city of Harbin reported zero new cases of the CCP virus for six days in a row. However, locals witnessed tightened restrictions, empty train stations, and few people walking on the streets.

Bus passengers must scan a health barcode to get onto a bus.

Tall fences were erected at entrances to residential communities to prevent residents from going out freely. Vendors have to knock on the fences to let residents know that they are here to sell food.

This is the Harbin Train station. It is May 3 and it is raining today. Not a single passenger is here at the train station. Harbin citizens are all aware that even entering and exiting the train station will involve a lot of hassle. So there aren’t any passengers. Absolutely none.

The official report tells us Harbin had zero new infections in six consecutive days, and starting from 12 a.m. last night, the risk level was changed from medium to low. So, everyone, do something to cooperate with the Harbin officials.

(2nd scene, on a bus, 0:32-0:46)

Bus passengers must scan a QR code when boarding the bus. Now the three passengers who just went on are scanning it.

This is the situation in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. All passengers must scan the QR code. Otherwise, they are forbidden to ride on the bus.

Again, six consecutive days of zero new cases in Harbin and the risk level has been changed to low.

We are not allowed to go to the riverside any more. It’s raining heavily now and it’s getting cold. Vendors used to knock on the fence to peddle and now they are forbidden to do so. At Daowai District, any vendor who knocks on the fence will be arrested, and then be subjected to two months’ detention and be fined $5,000 yuan ($708 USD).

Woman in the background:
Because of the epidemic, all restaurants have been ordered to close.

Videographer 1: Look at what has become of our Caoshi Street Market. Militia, Urban Management teams, policemen, they all came here.

Videographer 2:
Look at their protective gear. What is going on here?

When the video was posted online, a Chinese netizen mocked the Chinese regime’s propaganda, saying, “That is what happens when we see authorities announce zero new infections for several consecutive days.”

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