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Cheng Wanli, a resident of Zhuhai, China, did not want his daughter to be further brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party; so he and four family members came to the United States in January. Below is his story.

In China, Cheng Wanli was the manager of regional marketing for a foreign enterprise in Zhuhai. One day, after returning home from a business trip, Cheng was shocked to hear his 6-year-old daughter, who was in kindergarten, singing a “red song” (a song that praises the CCP) for him.

Cheng Wanli said: “There was one day she came home and sang me red songs, songs that glorify the motherland, songs that make people get irrationally excited by praising the CCP. She even drew images of Tiananmen and of Xi Jinping.”

Seeing what was happening to his children and recalling the education system he experienced, from primary school to obtaining a Master’s degree, Mr. Cheng believes that the Chinese Communist Party education system does not nurture talent, it only serves the rulers.

Cheng expressed: “The CCP wants to educate a group of people who are not yet capable of independent thinking and can be easily guided and ruled.” He continued: “It can’t even be called an education, actually, it’s like taking lambs to be slaughtered. By the time I was in graduate school, we were still taking political courses and talking about the superiority of the socialist system, and I believe that the people who wrote the textbooks don’t even believe it themselves.”

Thinking back to the brutal persecution his grandfather and parents suffered under the Chinese Communist Party, he decided to leave China with his children. He didn’t want the next generation to be brainwashed by the red education of the Chinese Communist Party, to receive wrong information, and to lose the ability to tell right from wrong.

Cheng: “I was shocked because the CCP starts to indoctrinate children who are very young and it only gets worse and worse. This fact is actually the one reason that triggered me to take this step as soon as possible.”

In January, Mr. Cheng moved his family to the United States. Cheng believes the real purpose of a normal education is to cultivate reverence for God and life, as well as how to think logically, distinguish right from wrong, and pursue the truth. He believes that removing the influence of the communist system on his family was the best decision he has made in over 30 years.
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