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Since the Chinese Communist Party’s Premier Li Keqiang praised the “peddler economy” in China’s Chengdu City during the CCP’s “Two Sessions” political meeting, state-run media have been reporting a lot on how to make money. One of the ways to make money, according to the reports, is by setting up street stalls for several days. The reports said that urban management officials had been inviting stall owners to set up their stalls. But after only two weeks of hype, the government suddenly reversed its policies, and urban management officials began to disperse street vendors again, sometimes in violence.

Accompanying people: How’s your business?
Peddlers: Pretty good.
Li Keqiang: How much is this?
Peddlers: 45 yuan ($6.37). This one has a better value. The whole set is 45 yuan.

Peddlers: May I have a word with you, captain? We can talk?
Urban management officials: Take it down.
Peddlers: Why won’t you let us sell? Why won’t you let us ordinary people live? We are ordinary people who just want to live.
Peddlers: Let me ask you, Premier Li Keqiang told us to sell, then why don’t you let us sell?
Urban management officials (berating): Premier Li Keqiang doesn’t let you sell randomly.
Peddlers: He didn’t say it. No occupying-road business allowed. We didn’t occupy roads.
Urban management officials:What is this then?
Peddlers: What is this? If that’s the case, all walkable places are roads. We can’t do business anywhere then.
Urban management officials: Go, go, go. Just go!

Everyone, don’t expect to set up your street stall! People were arrested on Gulou Street. Many people were taken away and their stuff was confiscated. It’s full of police cars. It scares the hell out of us.

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