12 Rules for Life Tour: 20+ New Cities


I’m going to 30+ cities to talk about the issues raised in my books, both new (12 Rules for Life: and older (Maps of Meaning (1999):, or to discuss psychology, religion and the state of the world with Matt Dillahunty, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray. It’s all part of sorting things out 🙂

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report ( is going to open about a dozen of these venues.

All this is crazily good, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had tens of thousands of letters from people over the last year, saying either “watching your lectures has helped me find words to express things I already knew, but didn’t know I knew” or “I was in a dark, nihilistic, addicted, depressed, vengeful place and I’ve been trying to develop a vision for my life and tell the truth (or at least ceased lying) and things are much better.”

How good is that? And what would happened if hundreds of thousands of people put themselves together? This is what would happen: The future would be better, instead of worse. That seems worth doing, particularly given the alternative.

Dates, Cities and Tickets

Fri April 13, Toronto (with Matt Dillahunty):
Thurs May 3, Toronto (with Dave Rubin):
Fri May 4, Washington (with Dave Rubin):
Sat May 5, Chicago (with Dave Rubin):
Sun May 6, Detroit (with Dave Rubin):
Tues May 8, Denver (with Dave Rubin):
Wed May 9, San Francisco (with Dave Rubin):
Thurs May 10, Seattle (with Dave Rubin):
Sun May 13, London UK (with Dave Rubin):
Mon May 21, Toronto:
Tuesday May 22, Boston:
Wed May 23, Philadelphia:
Tues May 29, Houston:
Wed May 30, Dallas (with Dave Rubin):
Thursday May 31, Austin (with Dave Rubin):
Fri June 01, Phoenix (with Dave Rubin):
Tues June 04, Reykjavík:
Fri June 08, Washington:
Sat June 09, Richmond:
Sun June 10, Charlotte:
Mon June 11, Nashville:
Tues June 12, Atlanta:
Thurs June 14, Louisville:
Fri June 15, Indianapolis:
Sat June 16, Milwaukee:
Sun June 17, Minneapolis:
Thurs June 21, Seattle:
Sat June 23, Vancouver (with Sam Harris):
Sun June 24, Vancouver (with Sam Harris):
Mon June 25, Portland:
Wed June 27, Sacramento:
Thurs June 28, San Diego:
Fri June 29, Long Beach:
Sat June 30, Thousand Oaks:
Sat July 14, Dublin (with Sam Harris/Douglas Murray):


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